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The Purchase of 7 Featured Listings for 3 months would cost: 5 x $12 + (2 x $10) = $80

The Purchase of 12 Featured Listings for 3 months would cost: 5 x $12 + (5 x $10) + (2 x $8) = $126

The Purchase of 7 Featured Listings for 1 year would cost: 5 x $36 + (2 x $30) = $240

The Purchase of 12 Featured Listings for 1 year would cost: 5 x $36 + (5 x $30) + (2 x $24) = $378

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Low Cost: A one-time, flat fee, starting at just $12.00 for one Featured Listing. No bidding for keywords and no charges for clicks or impressions. PLUS, you retain your keyword term selection indefinitely unless you cancel your automatic renewal.

Free With Your Order: Upon completion of your order, download two bonuses (Email Advisor and SEO Secrets) valued at $60.

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Your purchase of one or more Featured Listings will proceed more smoothly if you are prepared in advance. Before placing
an order, take the following steps:
  • Compose a Title for each of your listings that is 30 characters or less, including spaces.
  • Prepare a Description for each of your listings that is 100 characters or less, including spaces.
  • Review our Keyword Tips and Guidelines before finalizing your keyword selection.

  • Use the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool to determine the general search popularity of your keyword term. Then check to see if your selected keyword term is available on ExactSeek by using the Keyword Availability Tool. Number Available indicates the number of times your keyword term can still be purchased. None Available means that your selected Keyword Term has been sold out.

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  • Be sure the URL you are submitting is working.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions and be aware of our Non-Refundable policy.

  • Please note that your purchase has automatic renewal enabled. You will keep your keyword and be charged a renewal fee equal to the purchase price when your listings renew, unless cancelled through PayPal or your ExactSeek Featured Listing member page.
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